TGIF…FINALLY!!! – 2/27/09

27 Feb

5:00 – Got to the gym this morning and decided to practice my thrusters.  My goal is to do the 65# bar for the competition, but we will see.  I only went up to 55# today.

I did 5 burpees in between each set.  I wasn't timing myself either, so I rested in between each exercise.  My average on the burpees is 15 seconds for 5.  Definitely not fast enough.  I'll practice more next week, and see if I'm comfortable with 65#.
6:30 – scarfed down grapes and strawberries.  i need to get a real breakfast if i want to run later.  i didn't really pack anything today.
7:15 – tall non-fat decaf cappuccino.  went to hobees and picked up a low-fat egg substitute omelet with ground turkey, spinach, and tomatoes.  i said no cheese, but i think they might have fucked up.  and can you believe i said no coffeecake!!!  **SIGH**
10 – munchin' on fruit lather and cuties
11:30 – ran with my coworker outside.  3.78 miles.  it felt soooooooooo good!  it's such a nice day outside.  i felt like i could go on forever!
12:30 – went to daphne's greek cafe and i got the chicken greek salad no feta.  eeeh, i wish i got the sandwich instead, but i resisted.  we also went to peets coffee, and i got another iced vanilla decaf non-fat latte.
5:00 – muchin' on fruit lather and grapes
7:00 – we had hot pot tonight.  it was yummy, and i didn't have any noodles.

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