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sle – Tue Mar 31 2009

31 Mar

7:30 – small cappuccino and apples/pineapples

9:20 – cashew almonds cranberries
11:30 – went to a sushi restaurant with some coworkers.  i ordered the chicken sukiyaki(chicken soup with veggies).  i only ate half of it, and hardly sipped the soup.  it was too salty.  also had a california hand roll(no rice), and a ebi something roll.  the ebi roll did have a little bit of rice.
1:30 – grapefruit and an apple.
5:00 – protein shake
6:00 – Team WOD, and I did the overhead lunges, back squats, and medicine ball cleans.  not the greatest workout, but eeeh whatevs!
8:00 – i made almond crusted chicken tenders with artichoke and some greens.

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4 more weeks till Hawaii

30 Mar

Time to really get my eating into shape.  I think I want to hibernate for the rest of April.  All these parties are not good for staying healthy.

8:00 – small cappuccino, 2 egg white omelet with mushrooms, some ground turkey, and onions.  also had some grapefuit.
9:30 – my entire sandwich bag of fruit which consisted of grapes, mangoes, some strawberries, and apples
11:00 – a handful of almonds, cashews, and cranberries
11:30 – ran 3.78 miles with coworker…getting slower and slower…

1:00 – no pasta lasagna…small pieces…so delicious!!

3:00 – some dried fruit lather

4:30 – protein shake

5:00 – FIGHT GONE BAD- TOTAL: 319!!!, not rx'd though.  My first time too!
1 minute at each station for 3 rounds.

    • SDHP
    • Box Jumps
    • Push Press
    • Row
    • Wall ball

8:00 – beef stew soup with some sweet potatoes, and i also had some vietnamese beef jerky

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27 Mar

5:30 – Woke up and did the mainsite WOD.

10 RFT

  • 10 Pull-ups ( I did assisted pull-ups on the machine at work)
  • 10 Ring-dips ( ARGH, THE SUB WAS 30 DIPS, which I did assisted)

Time: 22:02

I was going to cut the WOD short at 6 rounds, but I kept going.  Then at the 8th round, I said fuck it, I'm almost done.  300 dips was killer!!!  My triceps look huge..NOT CUTE!  lol.
6:25 – I just killed my pink lady apple.  I'm going to need food if I want to run later.  
8:00 – got my breakfast.  went to hobbees and ordered the super veggie scramble(egg whites only) and no cheese.  yummy, but i got sick of it.  i also had about 1/2 of my coffeecake.  heehehehe
gosh, it's only 10:30 and my eating healthy has gone out the window.  just finished my coffeecake.  i'll definitely be running later.  oh yea, i got my heart rate monitor in too, so i'm excited to try it out.

11:30 – went on a 3 mile run with my coworker.  we walked maybe .25 miles because my calves are freakin' tight!!!  but ya, we finished…eeeh i don't know the time.  AND, my heart rate monitor is not right!  it said i was at 169bpm?  I don't know about that…i was going super slow!  if i was at 169bpm, then the WOD yesterday, i must of been at 200bpm, which is not good for me right now.

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sle – Thu Mar 26 2009

26 Mar

YAY, it's almost Friday.  Now I need from now to next week to go by faster!!  hahaha

7:00 -11:00 i had two apples, some nuts, a lemon  poppyseed muffin(no refined ingredients!!), and a medium cappuccino
11:30 – went to lunch with jan and sheena.  i had the steak greek salad.  finished most of my steak and most of the salad.  also, we shared the appetizer.  my tummy hurts a bit…maybe because the steak was a bit red?
4:00 – i had some more vietnamese steamed pork, and an apple
5:00 – Today was an all running WOD.  Thank god I didn't do any Cardio this morning.  We had to spring 800 m, 4 rounds, but rest in between.  My times split were 3:41, 3:51, 4:01, 3:51 for a total of ~15:24 if i did the math right
Damn, now I feel like dissing out on my coworker for tomorrows run.  But I will not.  He is depending on me!!  HAHAHAHAH
7:30 – let's see…not so healthy, but not so bad EITHER!  lol.  i had shrimp wonton soup with broccoli from 99 ranch.  it was good, and i picked on the wonton and ate most of the shrimp.  bad part…1 pineapple bun, and half a pork bun. 🙂

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HAPPY HUMP DAY – 3/25/09

25 Mar

This week needs to go by faster.

5:30 – I got up this morning and did my little arm exercises.  In between those arm exercises I did 10 OHS with a 15lb bar.  I just wanted to practice form and make sure my lumbar curve was correct.  It felt good.  I'm excited for my run later.  It's gonna be a nice day!
8:00 – my medium cappuccino and 1 serving of cabbage and zuccinni.  BLEH! but i must eat for veggies!!  i also had a couple slices of my apple.  these pink ladies are huge.  i cut up 2 today and im going to pace myself in eating them.
Just a random thought – whenever i think of pizza, i think i want to throw up when i think of the meat.  i think i like veggie pizzas now. YES!
11:30 – ran 3.78 miles today.  sooo nice outside.  but our time was pathetic…39:00
1:20 – 2 egg white omelet with spinach and tomatoes.  then i had my pork bun.  took most of the crumbly bread out because it was too much.  dessert: apples and grapefruit.
4:00 – came home and munched on some steamed pork from the vietnamese store.  YUM-O!  Also had a protein shake

6:00 – Front Squat WOD.  I did: 65#(x3)-75#(x3)-85#(x3)-95#(x3)-105#(x3)-115#(x3) – WOO HOO!  I PR'ed.  Well of course I would…I've never done this before.  heehehehe
8:00 – about to eat some chicken tenders marinated in some tamari sauce with cabbage.  dessert: almond cookies with milk.

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sle – Tue Mar 24 2009

24 Mar

7:00 – a chicken tender and about 2oz of sweet potatoes.  small capp.

9:00 – 2 lemon poppyseed muffins ( no refined processed stuff…) and 1 cutie
10:30 – strawberries, cantaloupe, and mangos
11:30 – so much for no refined carbs today. i was feeling sick, and needed something to eat bad.  i ate a small bowl of pho.

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A new week – 3/23/09

23 Mar

got a late start today.  oh well.  i gotta be really good this weekend.  i know i've been eating a lot of sugar instead of refined carbs, which is not why i went about cutting refined carbs.  i cannot substitute one for the other.  CONTROL STEPHY!!

7:00 – cappuccino and steamed pork
9:45 – 2 cuties and a handful of almonds, cashews, and cranberries
11:00 – some apples for my preworkout meal
11:30 – my coworker and i decided to run inside today, because it was windy out there.  i decided to run for 30 minutes, but break them into 5 minute intervals.  i did arm exercises in between the 5 minute intervals which took at 1-2 minutes.  it felt good.  i hope we do karen tonight for the WOD!
1:00 – shrimp louie salad from tj's, and the rest of my apples.
3:00 – i ate about 5 pieces of the chocolate covered dried fruit.  i think i'm getting sick of them now.  also a cutie
5:30 – protein shake with a lemon poppyseed muffin(gluten free of course, which means, no refined anything!!)
6:00 – Karen WOD.  Judd scaled me to 12# ball with 100 reps.  Now that I did the 12# ball, I think I was crazy for trying to think I can do the 14# ball.  *SIGH*.  My time was 7:20…yes it sucked!  I was doing the wall balls wrong too.  I wasn't going down into a squat as the ball was coming down to me.  TSK TSK TSK.

8:00 – dinner will be some sweet mashed potatoes with carne asada beef(courtesy of tj's). dessert: glass of milk with some cookies.

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Weekend Fun – 3/21/09- 3/22/09

23 Mar

Let's see — I totally over ate at Mai's babyshower.  I had deviled eggs(lots of it), korean beef(lots of that too), 7 layer bean dip, 2 pieces of garlic bread, and 2 slices of cake.  lol.  The cake was freakin' delicious!!!  Even though it was just a plain lemon cake, the flour was sooo moist!  I went to my Mom's house afterwards, and was stuffed, but I had to eat again.  I had shredded papaya salad, and beef stew, and that was it.  Done for the day.

Sunday – I was really good, up until I started baking my cookies.  Love the cookies!!!  I know it's healthy and stuff, but I can't be eating 5 cookies in a day.  I gotta control myself.  That's my problem, must control what I eat even if it's delicious!

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20 Mar

Finally Friday!!  I wanted to wake up and do Nicole, but I didn't get up in time.  Oh well, that just means instead of resting tomorrow, I got to go to the 10 o'clock class

6:30 – 1 egg white, cappuccino, and fruit
hmm…i forgot what i ate for the rest of the day.  i know i had a tj's salad, and lots of chocolate covered dried fruit.  ooh, now i remember.  for dinner, i had a vietnamese sandwich.  actually 1 1/2 of them.  lol.

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sle – Thu Mar 19 2009

19 Mar

My arms are sooo sore!  I woke up, but felt like resting this morning.  I wanted to get some cardio in.  Hopefully I'll make it to the 5 o'clock class later.  Today might not be a good eating day.  I got a sharks game tonight, and I'm already thinking, NACHOS!  lol.

7:30 – cappuccino, 1 whole egg, and 1 egg white.
10- cantaloupe, mangoes, a couple slices of apple, and 1 chocolate ball(with dried fruit).  it's like a size of a small gumball.
hmm…let's see i ate a lot of bad stuff for the rest of the day.  thai food, frozo, and then i went to a sharks game(nachos and breadsticks).  what happened to me afterwards…i got indigestion, and i deserved it.  :-(
i did get a workout in before the sharks game.  michaela wanted me to do a WOD that they did at the 2008 games.
5 Rounds for Time
5 deadlifts(i did 145#, rx'ed was 185#)
10 burpees

Time: 10:20 – yes this time sucked.  at first, i thought i was going to be able to do rx'ed, hahaha, but i'm sure glad i didn't!!

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