sle – Tue Mar 03 2009

3 Mar

I'm up at the butt crack of dawn today.  I was so restless last night.  I couldn't get a good hour of sleep.  Hopefully I won't be too tired today, because I have a long day of workouts planned.

Oh ya, and my back is going crazy!!!  Its getting really stiff, and I was soooo tired last night.

6:00 – shrimp, onion, celery salad, 1 egg white, and a non-fat decaf cappuccino with vanilla
7:40 – 1 serving of honey roasted peanuts
9:30 – pineapple, grapes, and an apple.
12:00 – 4 oz piece of pot roast that was left on Saturday with some carrots.  went to starbucks and got a grande soy chai.  i know i know, i shouldn't have anymore diary, but it was rainy!  i did resist the cupcakes!!
My laziness is taking over my Tuesday. I decided not to go workout.
4:30 – some sweet potato fries
6:30 – more sweet potato fries.  i didn't really eat a dinner.  full from sweet potatoes and some fruit lather.

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