sle – Wed Mar 04 2009

4 Mar

a good rest day was all i needed.  i woke up refreshed and ready to workout!!

5:00 – did Barbara this morning.  here it is,  5 RFT
  • 20 pull-ups ( assisted )
  • 30 push ups
  • 40 situps
  • 50 squats

total time: 23:25

yay!  way better than last time. i don't know what the break down was because i didn't really want to stop my stopwatch.  i just knew that i took a 3,2,2,2 minute breaks between the 5 rounds.

Elliptical for 20 minutes.

7:00 – egg omelet with some ground turkey spinach and tomatoes.  tall decaf non-fat capp

8:50 – pineapple and apples

10:00 – bag of almonds, cranberries, and cashews

11:30 – went to sweet tomatoes with phung.  I DID GOOD!  1 small plate of salad, 2 soups, and some grapes.

2:30 – honey roasted peanuts

4:30 – protein shake with some cantaloupe

6:00 – Sharing is caring WOD
  • 300 SDHP
  • 300 push ups
  • 3000 m row

Tran, Jaye, and I only did 176 SDHP, 300 push ups, and ???? rows.  BLEH!  Oh well, we got a good sweat on.

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