A new week – 3/23/09

23 Mar

got a late start today.  oh well.  i gotta be really good this weekend.  i know i've been eating a lot of sugar instead of refined carbs, which is not why i went about cutting refined carbs.  i cannot substitute one for the other.  CONTROL STEPHY!!

7:00 – cappuccino and steamed pork
9:45 – 2 cuties and a handful of almonds, cashews, and cranberries
11:00 – some apples for my preworkout meal
11:30 – my coworker and i decided to run inside today, because it was windy out there.  i decided to run for 30 minutes, but break them into 5 minute intervals.  i did arm exercises in between the 5 minute intervals which took at 1-2 minutes.  it felt good.  i hope we do karen tonight for the WOD!
1:00 – shrimp louie salad from tj's, and the rest of my apples.
3:00 – i ate about 5 pieces of the chocolate covered dried fruit.  i think i'm getting sick of them now.  also a cutie
5:30 – protein shake with a lemon poppyseed muffin(gluten free of course, which means, no refined anything!!)
6:00 – Karen WOD.  Judd scaled me to 12# ball with 100 reps.  Now that I did the 12# ball, I think I was crazy for trying to think I can do the 14# ball.  *SIGH*.  My time was 7:20…yes it sucked!  I was doing the wall balls wrong too.  I wasn't going down into a squat as the ball was coming down to me.  TSK TSK TSK.

8:00 – dinner will be some sweet mashed potatoes with carne asada beef(courtesy of tj's). dessert: glass of milk with some cookies.

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