HAPPY HUMP DAY – 3/25/09

25 Mar

This week needs to go by faster.

5:30 – I got up this morning and did my little arm exercises.  In between those arm exercises I did 10 OHS with a 15lb bar.  I just wanted to practice form and make sure my lumbar curve was correct.  It felt good.  I'm excited for my run later.  It's gonna be a nice day!
8:00 – my medium cappuccino and 1 serving of cabbage and zuccinni.  BLEH! but i must eat for veggies!!  i also had a couple slices of my apple.  these pink ladies are huge.  i cut up 2 today and im going to pace myself in eating them.
Just a random thought – whenever i think of pizza, i think i want to throw up when i think of the meat.  i think i like veggie pizzas now. YES!
11:30 – ran 3.78 miles today.  sooo nice outside.  but our time was pathetic…39:00
1:20 – 2 egg white omelet with spinach and tomatoes.  then i had my pork bun.  took most of the crumbly bread out because it was too much.  dessert: apples and grapefruit.
4:00 – came home and munched on some steamed pork from the vietnamese store.  YUM-O!  Also had a protein shake

6:00 – Front Squat WOD.  I did: 65#(x3)-75#(x3)-85#(x3)-95#(x3)-105#(x3)-115#(x3) – WOO HOO!  I PR'ed.  Well of course I would…I've never done this before.  heehehehe
8:00 – about to eat some chicken tenders marinated in some tamari sauce with cabbage.  dessert: almond cookies with milk.

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One Response to “HAPPY HUMP DAY – 3/25/09”

  1. Jan Marie March 26, 2009 at 11:12 am #

    nice job! but kick back on the heavy squats!!

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