sle – Thu Mar 26 2009

26 Mar

YAY, it's almost Friday.  Now I need from now to next week to go by faster!!  hahaha

7:00 -11:00 i had two apples, some nuts, a lemon  poppyseed muffin(no refined ingredients!!), and a medium cappuccino
11:30 – went to lunch with jan and sheena.  i had the steak greek salad.  finished most of my steak and most of the salad.  also, we shared the appetizer.  my tummy hurts a bit…maybe because the steak was a bit red?
4:00 – i had some more vietnamese steamed pork, and an apple
5:00 – Today was an all running WOD.  Thank god I didn't do any Cardio this morning.  We had to spring 800 m, 4 rounds, but rest in between.  My times split were 3:41, 3:51, 4:01, 3:51 for a total of ~15:24 if i did the math right
Damn, now I feel like dissing out on my coworker for tomorrows run.  But I will not.  He is depending on me!!  HAHAHAHAH
7:30 – let's see…not so healthy, but not so bad EITHER!  lol.  i had shrimp wonton soup with broccoli from 99 ranch.  it was good, and i picked on the wonton and ate most of the shrimp.  bad part…1 pineapple bun, and half a pork bun. 🙂

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One Response to “sle – Thu Mar 26 2009”

  1. Sheena March 26, 2009 at 12:51 pm #

    My tummy hurts too!!! I think i need to go p**p!

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