4 more weeks till Hawaii

30 Mar

Time to really get my eating into shape.  I think I want to hibernate for the rest of April.  All these parties are not good for staying healthy.

8:00 – small cappuccino, 2 egg white omelet with mushrooms, some ground turkey, and onions.  also had some grapefuit.
9:30 – my entire sandwich bag of fruit which consisted of grapes, mangoes, some strawberries, and apples
11:00 – a handful of almonds, cashews, and cranberries
11:30 – ran 3.78 miles with coworker…getting slower and slower…

1:00 – no pasta lasagna…small pieces…so delicious!!

3:00 – some dried fruit lather

4:30 – protein shake

5:00 – FIGHT GONE BAD- TOTAL: 319!!!, not rx'd though.  My first time too!
1 minute at each station for 3 rounds.

    • SDHP
    • Box Jumps
    • Push Press
    • Row
    • Wall ball

8:00 – beef stew soup with some sweet potatoes, and i also had some vietnamese beef jerky

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