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sle – Wed Apr 22 2009

22 Apr

7:00 – my usually coffee, and a salad(no dressing)

10:00 – cantaloupe, grapefruit, and jackfruit.  i can't believe some people don't know what a jackfruit is. tsk tsk tsk.  oh, also had a handful of almonds, cashews, and cranberries.

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sle – Tue Apr 21 2009

21 Apr

7:00 – ice grande non-fat decaf SFV machiatto

8:30 – 3 egg whites and a bag of carrots
9:45 – handful of cashews almonds cranberries
12:00 – went to subway and had their chicken breast footlong.  i ate 3/4 of the footlong, and i had some jamba
5:00 – 21-15-9 of the push jerk(55#), dips, burpees, and calorie rows.  18:28 was time…suckage
7:00 – thin crust, veggie pizza.  i ate almost all of the small was about 5 tiny slices.  it was yummy.  i had some bread sticks too.

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One more week i’m in ALOHA mood

20 Apr

7:00 – half of my ice vanilla latte(medium) and 1 egg and 1 egg white

10:00 – some multigran crackers and goldfish
11:30 – ran 3.1 miles outside and then did baby angie: 50 pull-ups, 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, 50 squats(11:04)
1:00 – eeh, i didn't eat too well.  i brought the lunch that i was suppose to eat Friday.  didn't taste good, so i just ate the some of the asparagus and cauliflower.  then i munched on goldfish and almonds, cashews, and cranberries.
4:15 – protein shake.
5:00 – angie…
7:00 – two tiger prawns and a salad.  it was yummy.  dessert was flan and cataloupe.

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sle – Thu Apr 09 2009

9 Apr

5:30 – got up to bike for 30 minutes.  then i did 5 sets of hang power clean and split jerk.  the last set i did clean and jerk instead of split jerk.  used a 45# bar.

7:30 – soy chai latte with 3 egg whites.  throat is not feeling good.
10:30 – 1 piece of mango, some apples, and strawberries
11:30 – met up with my sister and we had dish dash.  i ate all of my chicken shawarma and some eggplant something.. 
5:00 – did a killer workout!  thanks jan!  
5 RFT – 18:36
15 KB ( 12kg )
15 Jump Squats
15 dumbbell hang split cleans(30lb total)
15 push ups
6:30 – munchin on my multigran crackers while waiting for hubs to come home.  these multigran crackers are addicting!

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sle – Wed Apr 08 2009

8 Apr

5:30 – i did yesterday's mainsite WOD because i didn't want to show my ugly face at the gym.  argh, i hope these scabs go away REALLY REALLY SOON!  thank god there are no events this weekend! 🙂  So here's my results and i'm happy!!  hahahaha.

Shoulder Press – 15#(5x)-25#(5x)-25#(5x)-45#(5x)-45#(5x)-50#(5x)-60#(5x)PR!!
Push Press – 15#(5x)-25#(5x)-45#(5x)-45#(5x)-45#(5x)-50#(5x)-60#(5x)PR!!
Push Jerk - 15#(5x)-25#(5x)-45#(5x)-45#(5x)-45#(5x)-50#(5x)-60#(5x)PR!!

Of course, if I wasn't preggo, I'd go heavier, but I gotta just do more reps now.  I'm happy I was able to get a PR though.  Don't tell TRAN!!  heeheheh.  I sort of followed the site.

7:30 – medium soy chai and 1tbsp of eggplant hummus with egg whites, celery, and tomatoes.

10:30 – fruit

aah, i need to remind myself to drink more water.  i've had two 16oz bottles already.  looks like i need to drink at least 5 a day, especially if i am drinking any caffeine or working out.

11:30 – ran a 5k today with my coworker.  we ran on the treadmill and i went from 6.0-6.2. 30:45

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sle – Tue Apr 07 2009

7 Apr

5:30 – elliptical for 30 minutes.  i really really want to do the WOD tonight, but we'll see if my facial f*'s me up or not.

7:00 – grande soy chai and 2 egg whites
10:30 – apples and strawberries.  gonna go warm up my small piece of salmon too.
11:00 – small piece of almond crusted salmon
2:00 – chicken soup with shredded chicken breast, some eggs, and steamed pork.
5:00 – i shouldn't of done this, but i had a pork bun, egg custard bun, and multi-gran crackers
8:30 – same as lunch, smaller portion

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Monday Blues – 4/6/09

6 Apr

Okay, since I'm sick of food, I want to eat healthy this week.  That way, I can get my appetite back for Jan's Birthday dinners!  hahahah

7:00 – cappuccino, and my version of a veggie salad(eggplant hummus with tomatoes, celery, and egg whites)
9:45 – a piece of baked salmon(pre-workout meal). also munched on some strawberries and grapefruit
11:30 – ran with my coworker outside.  it's such a nice day.  too bad it's going to rain for the rest of the week.  my shin is not cooperating with me.  i'm going to stop by sports basement today and get some new superfeet.
1:15 – southwestern salad from tj's.  half the dressing, and no feta.
4:30 – protein shake and some steamed pork
6:00 – Mainsite WOD – 18:00 minutes
7:00 – pork bun, some apples and oranges.  then tran came home for dinner and i just had a bowl of chicken soup with chicken, steamed pork, and eggs.  yum!   i ate a bit too much but oh well.  i had some multi-gran crackers too.

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