Monday Blues – 4/6/09

6 Apr

Okay, since I'm sick of food, I want to eat healthy this week.  That way, I can get my appetite back for Jan's Birthday dinners!  hahahah

7:00 – cappuccino, and my version of a veggie salad(eggplant hummus with tomatoes, celery, and egg whites)
9:45 – a piece of baked salmon(pre-workout meal). also munched on some strawberries and grapefruit
11:30 – ran with my coworker outside.  it's such a nice day.  too bad it's going to rain for the rest of the week.  my shin is not cooperating with me.  i'm going to stop by sports basement today and get some new superfeet.
1:15 – southwestern salad from tj's.  half the dressing, and no feta.
4:30 – protein shake and some steamed pork
6:00 – Mainsite WOD – 18:00 minutes
7:00 – pork bun, some apples and oranges.  then tran came home for dinner and i just had a bowl of chicken soup with chicken, steamed pork, and eggs.  yum!   i ate a bit too much but oh well.  i had some multi-gran crackers too.

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