sle – Wed Apr 08 2009

8 Apr

5:30 – i did yesterday's mainsite WOD because i didn't want to show my ugly face at the gym.  argh, i hope these scabs go away REALLY REALLY SOON!  thank god there are no events this weekend! 🙂  So here's my results and i'm happy!!  hahahaha.

Shoulder Press – 15#(5x)-25#(5x)-25#(5x)-45#(5x)-45#(5x)-50#(5x)-60#(5x)PR!!
Push Press – 15#(5x)-25#(5x)-45#(5x)-45#(5x)-45#(5x)-50#(5x)-60#(5x)PR!!
Push Jerk - 15#(5x)-25#(5x)-45#(5x)-45#(5x)-45#(5x)-50#(5x)-60#(5x)PR!!

Of course, if I wasn't preggo, I'd go heavier, but I gotta just do more reps now.  I'm happy I was able to get a PR though.  Don't tell TRAN!!  heeheheh.  I sort of followed the site.

7:30 – medium soy chai and 1tbsp of eggplant hummus with egg whites, celery, and tomatoes.

10:30 – fruit

aah, i need to remind myself to drink more water.  i've had two 16oz bottles already.  looks like i need to drink at least 5 a day, especially if i am drinking any caffeine or working out.

11:30 – ran a 5k today with my coworker.  we ran on the treadmill and i went from 6.0-6.2. 30:45

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