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sle – Thu May 28 2009

28 May

6:30 – half of my fru fru coffee and a turkey veggie omelet

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sle – Wed May 27 2009

27 May

6:30 – ice coffee and my gluten free puffins cereal.

9:30 – 2 egg whites, and some fruit.
11:15 – belly bar…loves it!
12:30 – brown rice spaghetti pasta
4:30 – jamba juice with some brown rice chips
5:00 – 7 rounds for time of 50 walking lunges, 10 pull ups, and 10 push ups.  Took me 23:12(I think)
8:10 – turkey breast with salad and some watermelon

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sle – Tue May 26 2009

26 May

ok, i gotta get back into voxing so i can keep track of what i am eating while pregnant.  i can't gain a lot of weight too fast.  i've gained 17lbs so far, and i'm only half way through!!  lol.  i need to add more veggies to every main meal that i eat.  i got sick of eating omelets, so that's why my breakfast hasn't been as healthy.

7:00 – my regular fru fru coffee, and 3 egg whites.
9:30 – belly bar
12:30 – brown rice spaghetti with spinach.  strawberries and apples to snack.
3:15 – original size jamba protein berry workout smoothie.  contains whey.
5:00 – Barbara, and I was a complete failure.  Once Michaela gave me the option of only doing 4 rounds, I took it.  The knee-to-elbows were hard!!  My forearms are still sore right now!  My total time was 22:22.  SUCKAGE.
7:30 – lettuce with stir-fried beef cubes and broccoli.  i had some watermelon afterwards.

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Cindy RX’d- 14 rounds 5/13/09

14 May

yahoo!  still gotta work on more consecutive kips though.  i've gotten 5 in a row before, but now i can only get two or 3.

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sle – Fri May 08 2009 a

8 May

big breakfast means, big workout during lunch.

7:30 – grande ice CM(nonfat sugar free, decaf)
9:00 – leftover lasagna meat with spinach mushrooms, and 2 fried eggs.  delicious!!!!!  sort of like a chili loco moco, w/o the chili powder.
10:30 – apples and cantaloupes
11:20 – i tried to do a full on grace w/ 65#, but it was hard.  i did 10, and stopped, because i just wasn't feeling it.  then i went on to get some dumbells(30# total), and did a baby grace.  i didn't time myself either.  BLEH!
12:30 – 6 futomakis and 1 california hand roll no rice.
4:00 – an apple

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sle – Thu May 07 2009

7 May

Wow, last nights workout got me sooo tired.  I slept pretty good, and did not workout this morning.  I'm going to try to go during lunch.  If not, I'll do a double WOD day at Xfit again.  I really need to get some cardio in though.  I don't want to lose my running mojo.

7:30 – grande non  fat capp, an apple, and grapefruit.
9:15 – argh!  my coworker brought in stan's donuts.  i had half a glazed donut.  i'm trying not to eat the other half.  MUST BE GOOD!!!

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A great day for Push Jerks – 5/6/09

7 May

No workout this morning because I was lazy to get out of bed. Still on Hawaii time.

7:00 – grande capp with a serving of boiled broccoli.  im going to try to have some sort of veggie every morning
9:00 – 1 hard boiled egg
1:00 – half a oven chicken breast subway sandwich on honey oat.  i wasn't suppose to eat refined carbs today, but i got my blood drawn, and figured i needed some energy to get through my workout tonight…ooh and a bag of baked lays.  lol.
2:30 – a handful of almonds, cashews, and cranberries

5-7 – i did two WODs.  the first WOD was push-jerk max

65-75-85-90(x2)-95-100.  I think I failed at the first time trying 95, but then I went down to the 90, and finally got it.  WOO HOO!  PR!  More push jerks.  lol

Second WOD was the Qualifier A WOD:

500 m row
30 burpees
10 push-jerks(65#)

Time: 6:28 – 🙂  I was happy with it.  My push-jerks were near perfection, but my burpees sucked ass!  Felt good seeing everyone do this WOD.  I could of gone heavier with the push-jerks.  Next time!

8:00 – eggplant lasagna with some cream cheese and a bowl of salad with vinegrette dressing and dried cranberries.  NO PASTA!!  WOO HOO!

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