Back from ReyJaye’s Wedding – Time to Cleanse and Be Healthy Again

4 May

Okay, I'm back and I gotta get serious.  I must eat healthy for the baby.  Too much sugar and refined carbs.  I gotta cleanse myself, and I think I'll be eating gluten free stuff from now on.  If I can go a day without ANY type of refined carbs then that is an excellent day.  But right now, only gluten free stuff!!

7:30 – capp and …dont have anything for breakfast except fruit.
10:00 – a handful of almonds, cashews, and cranberries
11:30 – ran with my coworker, 3.74 miles.  we actually didn't run the whole thing.  prolly walked .5 or .75 miles because my calves were sore!  or super duper tight.  i keep having this problem, and i think it's pregnancy related.  **SIGH**.  i walked another 6 minutes on the treadmill afterwards
1:30 – the rest of my watermelon and apples, some corn, and bits and pieces of my salad
4:00 – another handful of almonds, cashews, and cranberries
5:00 – watermelon
6:00 – Catcch -22 Time: 16:00
22 burpees
100 m walk with 30lb dumbbells
22 cleans
100 m walk with 30 lb dumbbells
22 cleans
400 m run
22 wall balls (8lb)
400 m run with 8lb ball – i was only suppose to do 200 m run, but forgot…DUH!
7:30 – i'm not too hungry, but i should eat some brocolli and corn.

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