5 May

Yesterday was a good day!  I didn't cheat!  Not sure what we are doing tonight, but I think it involves noodles and vietnamese food.  hopefully i can keep it to a minimum, but be good all day long.  I'm still on Hawaii time, so I didn't get up early like I wanted to.  Guess I'll have to do the cardio at lunch.

7:00 – grande capp and some fruit.
9:00 – 2 egg whites, and 1 whole egg
hmm…i forgot what i ate before lunch, but i know i didn't work out.  it was all bad, but i did get a WOD in.
1:30 – half a oven chicken breast subway sandwich on honey oat, no cheese, lots of veggies.  also had a tall nonfat caramel machiatto
5:00 – aah, this workout was killer, and we were suppose to do 5 rounds, but only did 4 because we started class late
10 med ball hang clean
20 deadlifts(95lb)
30 push jerks (55lb)
40 jump rope
I think my time was 26 something…This was a great workout, but my collar bone is gonna get fucked up!
7:00 – went to dinner for my mom's bday at da lat.  i was going to order a large bowl of seafood noodle soup, but my mom convinced me to get a small.  what can i say, i was starving marving after that workout!  

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