A great day for Push Jerks – 5/6/09

7 May

No workout this morning because I was lazy to get out of bed. Still on Hawaii time.

7:00 – grande capp with a serving of boiled broccoli.  im going to try to have some sort of veggie every morning
9:00 – 1 hard boiled egg
1:00 – half a oven chicken breast subway sandwich on honey oat.  i wasn't suppose to eat refined carbs today, but i got my blood drawn, and figured i needed some energy to get through my workout tonight…ooh and a bag of baked lays.  lol.
2:30 – a handful of almonds, cashews, and cranberries

5-7 – i did two WODs.  the first WOD was push-jerk max

65-75-85-90(x2)-95-100.  I think I failed at the first time trying 95, but then I went down to the 90, and finally got it.  WOO HOO!  PR!  More push jerks.  lol

Second WOD was the Qualifier A WOD:

500 m row
30 burpees
10 push-jerks(65#)

Time: 6:28 – 🙂  I was happy with it.  My push-jerks were near perfection, but my burpees sucked ass!  Felt good seeing everyone do this WOD.  I could of gone heavier with the push-jerks.  Next time!

8:00 – eggplant lasagna with some cream cheese and a bowl of salad with vinegrette dressing and dried cranberries.  NO PASTA!!  WOO HOO!

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