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sle – Wed Jun 10 2009

10 Jun

5:30 – I did the WOD that CFSV and CFOW did yesterday.  7 rounds of – 3PJ, 6 Push Ups, and 9 KB Swings.  I used a 65# bar, and a 20# dumbbell for the KB swings.  My form is not that great with the PJ, but oh well.  I didn't time myself either, but I think I finished in under 10 minutes.  LOL.  At least I got up and did it.  I won't be able to make it to the box today.

7:20 – egg white omelet from hobees.  it had chicken, spinach, mushrooms, and red onions.  only ate half.  saving the other half for lunch.
10:00 – some watermelon and my belly bar.
11:30 – eeh, not a good day for running.  i dont think i ate enough, but i thought i did.  i ran a mile, then walked 1.3 miles.  got super shakey, so went to jamaba.
1:00 – jamba, and i caved and ate 3/4 of the coffeecake and the other half of my omelet.
5:00 – pigged out at applebee's with jan and sue.  we had appetizers because it was happy hour.  all of them were super cheesy.  YUM!, but uuuh!
700 – watermelon when i got home

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sle – Tue Jun 09 2009

9 Jun

BLEH!  woke up at 4:30 and all packed to go do some cardio, but decided not too.  oh well.

7:00 – tall CM and some grapes.
9:15 – omelet with mushrooms, spinach, and bell peppers and a chicken breast patty
11:00 – two handfuls of almonds, cashews, and cranberries
1:30 – 1 serving of fish with string beans, mango, and tomatoes
2:30 – smoothie
5:00 – Team WOD which included tire flip, pull ups, box jumps, rope climb, wall balls, GHD extensions
7:30 – brown rice spaghetti, watermelon, and a belly bar.

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sle – Mon Jun 08 2009

8 Jun

Hmm…this weekend I didn't do so bad.  I had more gluten than normal, but it was the weekend.  At least I didn't go too overboard with sweets.  Actually, I was suppose to reward myself with cold stone ice cream for working out 6+ times this week, but I didn't.  Maybe next weekend!

7:30 – tall CM, and an omelet with mushrooms, bell peppers, and spinach.
9:00 – belly bar
11:30 – ran 2 miles, walked the rest for another 20-30 minutes
3:00 – had a late lunch.  16 oz protein berry workout, and half a chicken subway sandwich.  i should not have gotten this, but i was hungry!!
5:00 – 400 m run, 15 wall balls, 15 box steps, 5 rounds for time.
7:00 – rock code fillet with mango, tomatoes, and green beans.  had some watermelon and popcorn for dessert.

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6/5/09- TGIF

5 Jun

7:30 – went to hobees this morning and picked up an omelet.  i've only eaten half of it and i'm full.  omelet has eggs, chicken, spinach, mushrooms, and red onions.  YUM.  i will try to resist the coffeecake as long as possible.  oh ya, i did get my CM too.

10:00 – grapes and some pineapple
11:30 – ran/walked 4.00 miles.  i walked .25 miles then ran a mile.  same thing three more times
1:00 – just finished the other half of my omelet, but it wasn't much.  now i want something more!

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sle – Thu Jun 04 2009

4 Jun

Freak!  I didn't wake up to go to the gym today.  I wanted to do a double workout, but split it up in the morning and evening.  Now I might just have to do a double WOD.  BLEH!

7:00 – 2 hard boiled eggs and my fru fru coffee
8:30 – lots of grapes, and some watermelon.  ARGH, this is going to be a long morning.
10:00 – im so freakin' hungry!  had a handful of cashews, almonds, and cranberries
11:30 – met up with some coworkers at specialtys.  i had the roasted turkey on honey wheat with avocado.  NO MAYO!  i also had a cookie.  LOL.
5:00 – The Chief!  3 x power cleans, 6x push ups, 9 x squats, AMRAP for 3 minutes, rest for 1 minutes.  5 rounds total.  I think i got 4-4-5-5-4.
7:30 – a bowl of chicken soup with shredded chicken breast, eggs, and steamed pork.  YUM!

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Happy Hump Day – 6/3/09

3 Jun

WOO HOO!  I went to the doc's yesterday and I only gained 1.5 lbs for the month of May.  Not too shabby.  I need to keep this up until the third trimester at least.  So i gotta focus and continue working out, and eating healthy. 🙂

Yesterday didn't help though.  We went to saiko sushi for thuan's bday, and I had crispy crunch, baked alaska, and a lobster roll.  I ate most of it.  Too much rice!!!  Oh, and I had a piece of cake.  Really I just had the flour, no icing, but still bad.  I could of done w/o it.  Gotta eat healthy today and tomorrow, and semi-friday.  Then comes the weekend!  YAY!
7:00 – coffee and veggie omelet.
10:00 – almonds, cranberries, and cashews
11:30 – made phung do helen with me.  i used the 25lb dumbbell.  Time: 14:08
1:30 – chicken breast salad with lite seasame dressing and a 16oz protein berry workout smoothie from jamba
3:30 – watermelon
7:00 – dinner was bad.  i had some banh cuon which is rice flour wrapped in ground pork. i had some lettuce, but not enough for a good veggie portion.  **SIGH**

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