Happy Hump Day – 6/3/09

3 Jun

WOO HOO!  I went to the doc's yesterday and I only gained 1.5 lbs for the month of May.  Not too shabby.  I need to keep this up until the third trimester at least.  So i gotta focus and continue working out, and eating healthy. 🙂

Yesterday didn't help though.  We went to saiko sushi for thuan's bday, and I had crispy crunch, baked alaska, and a lobster roll.  I ate most of it.  Too much rice!!!  Oh, and I had a piece of cake.  Really I just had the flour, no icing, but still bad.  I could of done w/o it.  Gotta eat healthy today and tomorrow, and semi-friday.  Then comes the weekend!  YAY!
7:00 – coffee and veggie omelet.
10:00 – almonds, cranberries, and cashews
11:30 – made phung do helen with me.  i used the 25lb dumbbell.  Time: 14:08
1:30 – chicken breast salad with lite seasame dressing and a 16oz protein berry workout smoothie from jamba
3:30 – watermelon
7:00 – dinner was bad.  i had some banh cuon which is rice flour wrapped in ground pork. i had some lettuce, but not enough for a good veggie portion.  **SIGH**

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