sle – Thu Jun 04 2009

4 Jun

Freak!  I didn't wake up to go to the gym today.  I wanted to do a double workout, but split it up in the morning and evening.  Now I might just have to do a double WOD.  BLEH!

7:00 – 2 hard boiled eggs and my fru fru coffee
8:30 – lots of grapes, and some watermelon.  ARGH, this is going to be a long morning.
10:00 – im so freakin' hungry!  had a handful of cashews, almonds, and cranberries
11:30 – met up with some coworkers at specialtys.  i had the roasted turkey on honey wheat with avocado.  NO MAYO!  i also had a cookie.  LOL.
5:00 – The Chief!  3 x power cleans, 6x push ups, 9 x squats, AMRAP for 3 minutes, rest for 1 minutes.  5 rounds total.  I think i got 4-4-5-5-4.
7:30 – a bowl of chicken soup with shredded chicken breast, eggs, and steamed pork.  YUM!

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