sle – Wed Jun 10 2009

10 Jun

5:30 – I did the WOD that CFSV and CFOW did yesterday.  7 rounds of – 3PJ, 6 Push Ups, and 9 KB Swings.  I used a 65# bar, and a 20# dumbbell for the KB swings.  My form is not that great with the PJ, but oh well.  I didn't time myself either, but I think I finished in under 10 minutes.  LOL.  At least I got up and did it.  I won't be able to make it to the box today.

7:20 – egg white omelet from hobees.  it had chicken, spinach, mushrooms, and red onions.  only ate half.  saving the other half for lunch.
10:00 – some watermelon and my belly bar.
11:30 – eeh, not a good day for running.  i dont think i ate enough, but i thought i did.  i ran a mile, then walked 1.3 miles.  got super shakey, so went to jamaba.
1:00 – jamba, and i caved and ate 3/4 of the coffeecake and the other half of my omelet.
5:00 – pigged out at applebee's with jan and sue.  we had appetizers because it was happy hour.  all of them were super cheesy.  YUM!, but uuuh!
700 – watermelon when i got home

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