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Sunday – baking day

7 Dec

aah, i dont know how i'm going to lose the last 10 lbs if i don't stop baking and buying candy

breakfast – fiber one cereal, soy chai latte
snack – cookies and twix…**SIGH**
lunch – shrimp fiesta burrito from baja.  i asked that they just put salsa, lettuce and shrimp.  the tortilla was bad enough, but i wanted to try the burrito.  the pic looked good.
dinner – cookies, more cookies, and some veggie soup

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sle – Sat Dec 05 2009

6 Dec

breakfast – omelet w/ turkey and tomatoes, w/ a banana pancake

dinner – steak w/ asparagus
snacks – plantation strips, peanut m&ms, soy chai latte

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Fri-Dec 4 2009

6 Dec

breakfast – fiber one cereal

snack – popcorn and plantation strips, apple, soy chai latte, and some peanut m&ms
lunch – …
dinner – rotiserrie chicken from costco and salad

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sle – Thu Dec 03 2009

3 Dec

breakfast – fiber one cereal w/ 1 egg white

ran 2 miles between 6.0-7.0, i mainly worked on speed
snack – 3 egg whites
lunch – went to sweet tomatoes w/ jan and had salad and soup.  we made it out of there w/o looking at the bread section. lol
snack – plantation strips and popcorn
dinner – chicken meatballs

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sle – Wed Dec 02 2009

2 Dec

breakfast – soy chai latte and fiber one cereal

snack – 1 hard boiled egg, and 2 egg whites
lunch – veggie soup w/ some beef slices
snack – popcorn, plantation strips, and half of a tall soy chai latte
dinner – lemon baked orange roughy w/ some asparagus and basamati rice(gluten free!)
took 1 tylenol cold after dinner
20 minute walk w/ mason

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sle – Tue Dec 01 2009

1 Dec

6:00 – fiber one cereal

2 mile run at 6.0-6.2 mph
8:30 – soy chai latte.  forgot my lunch, so i ended up buying a feta spinach wrap from starbucks, and didn't eat much of the wrap..just the insides.
lunch – egg whites and veggie soup
snack – popcorn, and a tall soy chai latte(went for a ride so mason could sleep, lol)
dinner – steak w/ asparagus and salad
took tylenol cold medicine because i was feeling a sore throat coming on.
xfit and did max hang power clean, and a short WOD

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