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sle – Thu Jan 28 2010

28 Jan
6 – omelet with asparagus and spinach

6:30 – max back squat, got up to 155#.

8:30 – Coffee
10:30 – pear

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sle – Wed Jan 27 2010

27 Jan

I drove to work thinking I was going to run, but I think I'm just going to do it all during lunch.  The plan is to run 1 mile as a warm up, work on a lift, and then do the 15KB/15 pull up x3.

6:00 – soy chai and banana
9:00 – omelet with bell peppers, some shredded chicken, and aspargus
10:00 – a tangerine and 7 gluten free tortilla chips(these were delicious!!!, found at starbucks).  i decided to eat the chips because i had to workout and didn't want to eat my orange.
11:00 – ran a mile at 6.3-7.0 w/ an incline of 1.5.  worked on push press(3×8, with weight of 45,55,65,75#).  i was only doing 75% of max.  then i did the KB/pull-up WOD.  KBs were good…stupid freakin' pull-up bar was not.  i was slipping, so i could only stay on for 2!  i only did 2 at a time, WTF!!  i thought i had tape with me, but it was in my purse, not my gym bag.  BOOO!  Goal was sub 5, actual was 6:08.
I'm going to re-do this next week.
Extra workout: Carrying KB back to car on one hand, and a gym bag on the other…still sweating!
5:00 – some popcorn and an orange
8- steak salad with candied pecans…YUM

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sle – Tue Jan 26 2010

26 Jan

6:00 – omelet with asparagus, bell peppers

6:30 – did mainsite WOD.  110# for clean, 95# bench, #85 OHS
9:00 – coffee
10 – tangerine and some nuts
1:00 – beef soup and an orange
3- apple and some more nuts and cranberries
4:00 – did the row/thruster wod with sheena and got a time of 18:58.  Not bad I guess.  I wanted sub 17.  Need to work on the rower. My thrusters were pretty strong(73#).  I couldn't thrust this weight 3 weeks ago. I tried 75# on the thruster/box jump wod and wasn't able to do it.  Went down to 70# and still bad form.  So I'm happy with the progress
sheena made me do 15×3 of GHD sit-ups with a 25lb plate.
6:00 – 1 pork chop baked with roasted bell peppers and more soup.

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25 Jan

I did pretty good this weekend with food.  We stayed home mostly all weekend, except for Sunday.  I went to a family party and just had papaya salad with beef jerky.  YUM!

I need to get back to doing WODs at the box.  I think I need to compete with others, so I can get pushed more.
5:30 – ran 2 miles.  I ran the first .75 miles at 6.0 mph and an incline of 1.5.  Then for every 400m, I sprinted at 7.0 for 200m, then went back down to 6.0 for the other 200m.
6:45 – coffee and banana
11:00 – nuts
11:00 – worked on back squat 3×5:75,85,95,105,115,120#.  then i did the 7 front squat, 7 push press, 7 sdhp: AMRAP for 10 minutes.  Goal was to get 4 rounds, and I was almost there.  I could of gotten more probably, if my form was right for the push press and sdhp.
Also, I need to eat before these workouts.  I was already tired and shivering during the warmup
12:30 – chicken salad with carrots and some nuts.  Then i ate my omelet, that I should of ate this morning
2:10 – apple
5:30 – went into the box and worked on snatches.  failed on most of my reps.
6:00 – had vietnamese papaya salad(payaya is a veggie right?), and a chicken leg/thigh

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sle – Thu Jan 21 2010

21 Jan

bad morning, decided not to go to the box.

5:30 – soy chai
9:30 – 2 gluten free/paleo cinnamon muffins

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sle – Wed Jan 20 2010

20 Jan

5:30 – ran 2 miles. did 30 back extensions(took my time with this one, because i wanted to make sure i did BACK extensions and not HIP extensions).

I really got to work on my dips.  I need to have full range of motion…another thing to work on and no time!
6:30 – got CM and oatmeal from starbucks.  yes i know, oatmeal isn't paleo, but it was better than getting the egg white wrap.  i should of gone to jamba for their $1 Wed Steel oats oatmeal, but it's pouring!!
10 – an orange
11- did 5RFT : 5 deadlifts (155#)/10 burpees.  then i decided to work on back squats and did 5×5.
12:30 – chicken salad w/ some nuts.  dessert: mango
6:00 – popcorn, a few pieces of rib roast and asparagus

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sle – Tue Jan 19 2010

19 Jan

I should of gone to the gym this morning, but the rain stopped me.  No time to be sitting in traffic at 8AM.

7 – soy chai. 2 hard boiled eggs and a banana
10- chicken tomato soup
11- practiced my power cleans and front squats w/ 65# and 75# weight
1 – left over ribs and mango
2:10 – an apple and a handful of omega trek mix
4-6:30 – i munched on some mango, olive oil popcorn, and then had some tomato soup and ate some chicken that sean brought over.  the chicken was covered in some enchilada sauce..i know bad…but i only ate the chicken and salad(no guac, sour cream, beans, rice, etc.)
7:00 – my intention was to go work on snatches at larry's class, but tu, jaye, and chandra invited me to work in with them.  they were doing 60%,70%, 75%, 80% of snatch, c&j, and back squat.  i only did snatch and c&j.  still gotta work on technique with my snatch.

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