sle – Tue Jan 19 2010

19 Jan

I should of gone to the gym this morning, but the rain stopped me.  No time to be sitting in traffic at 8AM.

7 – soy chai. 2 hard boiled eggs and a banana
10- chicken tomato soup
11- practiced my power cleans and front squats w/ 65# and 75# weight
1 – left over ribs and mango
2:10 – an apple and a handful of omega trek mix
4-6:30 – i munched on some mango, olive oil popcorn, and then had some tomato soup and ate some chicken that sean brought over.  the chicken was covered in some enchilada sauce..i know bad…but i only ate the chicken and salad(no guac, sour cream, beans, rice, etc.)
7:00 – my intention was to go work on snatches at larry's class, but tu, jaye, and chandra invited me to work in with them.  they were doing 60%,70%, 75%, 80% of snatch, c&j, and back squat.  i only did snatch and c&j.  still gotta work on technique with my snatch.

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