25 Jan

I did pretty good this weekend with food.  We stayed home mostly all weekend, except for Sunday.  I went to a family party and just had papaya salad with beef jerky.  YUM!

I need to get back to doing WODs at the box.  I think I need to compete with others, so I can get pushed more.
5:30 – ran 2 miles.  I ran the first .75 miles at 6.0 mph and an incline of 1.5.  Then for every 400m, I sprinted at 7.0 for 200m, then went back down to 6.0 for the other 200m.
6:45 – coffee and banana
11:00 – nuts
11:00 – worked on back squat 3×5:75,85,95,105,115,120#.  then i did the 7 front squat, 7 push press, 7 sdhp: AMRAP for 10 minutes.  Goal was to get 4 rounds, and I was almost there.  I could of gotten more probably, if my form was right for the push press and sdhp.
Also, I need to eat before these workouts.  I was already tired and shivering during the warmup
12:30 – chicken salad with carrots and some nuts.  Then i ate my omelet, that I should of ate this morning
2:10 – apple
5:30 – went into the box and worked on snatches.  failed on most of my reps.
6:00 – had vietnamese papaya salad(payaya is a veggie right?), and a chicken leg/thigh

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