sle – Wed Jan 27 2010

27 Jan

I drove to work thinking I was going to run, but I think I'm just going to do it all during lunch.  The plan is to run 1 mile as a warm up, work on a lift, and then do the 15KB/15 pull up x3.

6:00 – soy chai and banana
9:00 – omelet with bell peppers, some shredded chicken, and aspargus
10:00 – a tangerine and 7 gluten free tortilla chips(these were delicious!!!, found at starbucks).  i decided to eat the chips because i had to workout and didn't want to eat my orange.
11:00 – ran a mile at 6.3-7.0 w/ an incline of 1.5.  worked on push press(3×8, with weight of 45,55,65,75#).  i was only doing 75% of max.  then i did the KB/pull-up WOD.  KBs were good…stupid freakin' pull-up bar was not.  i was slipping, so i could only stay on for 2!  i only did 2 at a time, WTF!!  i thought i had tape with me, but it was in my purse, not my gym bag.  BOOO!  Goal was sub 5, actual was 6:08.
I'm going to re-do this next week.
Extra workout: Carrying KB back to car on one hand, and a gym bag on the other…still sweating!
5:00 – some popcorn and an orange
8- steak salad with candied pecans…YUM

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