sle – Mon Feb 08 2010

8 Feb

I lost 1.6 lbs in two weeks.  Not bad I guess, but yesterday was a cheat day.  Decided to weigh myself this morning, and I was up 2lbs.  LOL.  Whatevs.  I know I need to change how much I eat.  Portion control is key, even though I'm only eating meat, veggies, fruits, and nuts.

6:00 – capp w/ 2 sfv pumps, extra foam
8:30 – 2 hard boiled eggs and half a sandwich bag raw spinach
11:05 – a little bit of crab meat, and small portion of almonds, cashews, dried cranberries
11:15 – random stuff during the warm up.  Worked on shoulder press, then did deadlift-95#/push-up tabata for a total of 8 rounds(alternating).
1:30 – orange
4:30 – munched on steamed pork…it was yummy
6:00 – had bun bo hue w/o the noodles.  basically a bunch of meat.  i didn't have any veggies, which goes against the "veggies at every meal" habit that i am suppose to be sticking to. 😦
8:00 – some organic olive oil popcorn

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