sle – Tue Feb 09 2010

9 Feb

Went to the box this morning and did back squats.  Not sure if that was a good idea, because my quads are still hurting, but oh well.  We'll see how they feel tonight.

6:30 – 2×10 back squat.  My weight was 95, 105, 115, 125, 130#.
8:00 – Skinny vanilla latte and a small omelet w/ asparagus and brussel sprouts.  There was 2 small pieces of spicy chicken sausage too.
12:00 – UGH, the admin ordered us pizza for lunch.  I'm using willpower and ate my salad(chicken, greens, and nuts).  **SIGH**.  No cardio like I anticipated for lunch.
1:00 – orange
4:30 – preworkout meal: steamed pork
5- WOD at CFSV.  
6:30 – same dinner as last night w/ some aspargus.  grapefruit and popcorn for dessert.  lol.

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