sle – Wed Feb 10 2010

10 Feb

5:30 – Cardio this morning.  Did yesterday's One world post.  Then I did some strict pull ups, dead hangs, and static dips.  Not sure what I'll be doing later, but I'm going to try to just lift today.

7:00 – nonfat cappuccino.  small omelet with a bit of brussel sprouts, asparagus, and two small pieces of chicken sausage.
10:00 – some chicken that was suppose to be for my salad at lunch.  i ate it because i needed a preworkout meal.
11:00 – glad i went back in for a workout.  that's all i could think about this morning.

  • Warmup: Ran 400m, and working on HSPU.  I'm just trying to get up easily right now and hold it.  I was able to get up 3 times, but it took me a while to do this.
  • Shoulder Press: 3×5(45,55,60,65,65,70-2rep).  The 70# set was extra, but I couldn't do the last rep.  I need to work on this more
  • Mini Annie – 30-20-10 DUs and Sit-ups.  I was able to get 10 DUs w/o stopping.  That doesn't mean I did them consecutively.  I had singles in between them.  LOL.

12:20 – Robb Wolf says sweet potatoes are good for you after a workout only if you portion control.  I had half a sweet potato.  Kale salad(carrots, cranberries, and avocados)…sorta eeh because there isn't any dressing.  OH WELL.   

1:25 – orange
4:30 – some steamed pork
7:00 – tri tip steak, probably 6oz.  it was yum!!  baked asparagus and brussell sprouts.  grapefruit for dessert and a little bit of popcorn.  i said i wouldn't eat popcorn today, but i had a little.

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