sle – Fri Feb 12 2010

12 Feb

6:00 – half ass workout this morning.  

  • max SP for 2 minutes(55#) – I think I got 12.  My problem is that I start using my back as I go up.  NOT GOOD!
  • rest 1 minute
  • max pp for 2 minutes(65#) – 15
  • rest 1 minutes
  • max pj for 2 minutes – 22

Then I worked on some box jumps.  I just did 1 minute max, and got 25.  Not that great, but I'll keep working on it.  The plan is to do the other workout from Santa Clara today when I get home.

7:00 – Skinny vanilla latte.  Omelet w/ chicken sausage and bits of asparagus.
9:30 – dapped into my tupperware of fruit.  had some strawberries and grapefruit.
11:45 – chicken leftovers with lots of brussel sprouts and 3 asparaguses.  LOL.
2:00 – some ends andpices, trek mix
4:30 – vietnamese beef jerky…too freakin' salty!!
6:00 – went to sushi o sushi w/ my boys.  had seaweed salad, beef tataki, 1 spicy tuna hand roll and 1 california hand roll.  All w/ no rice- limited soy sauce
8:30 – grapefruit and orange
11:00 – popcorn( THIS WAS BAD!)  that's what i get for staying up late!

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