TGIF- 02/19/10

19 Feb

5:30 – Workout #1(Active Rest Day)

  • Biked for 30 minutes.  I just wanted to do something because I didn't run last night.  My knees did not feel good this morning, but after biking and icing, they are oook.  Not sure what to do about tomorrow's throwdown.  We'll see how I feel.
  • Slowly did some back extensions(40 reps), then I was able to do 4 strict pull ups.  Just wanted to see where I stood w/ that.
  • Got on the scale. 🙂

7:00 – 2 egg whites, some carrots, and a soy chai.  I must watch what I eat today and tomorrow.  I can't over do it if I'm going to be home and not getting much exercise in.

10:30 – baby carrots and 1 hard boiled egg
11:15 – aah, here we go…ate my romaine lettuce w/ some boiled shrimp.
6:00 – we went to a new restaurant in the coleman plaza called blue moon.  everything looked so good there.  it's a thai/jap restaurant.  had mostly veggies/beef and beef tataki.  came home feeling dizzy and it's probably because of all the salt and maybe MSG that they put in it.  seriously felt like i was going to faint.  little did i know that i would gain 5lbs from it the next day.  **SIGH**

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