sle – Mon Feb 22 2010

22 Feb

This weekend was good.  Stayed away from starch and ate a lot of veggies and protein on Saturday.  My cheat on sunday was sweet potato fries.  I was tempted a lot at the movies and stuff.  Had to watch Thuan, his wifey, and my hubby eat sandwiches on baguette bread.  **SIGH**

Another two weeks of trying to get lean and fit for sectionals.  We'll see how the knee holds up.  Going to try to hit it hard Mon, Tues, and Wed, then rest Thurs/Fri because I'll be in Utah.  Can't decide if I want to visit an SLC Box, or just run at the hotel.  We'll see if I even have time.  I will be tempted all day Thurs/Fri because they always order yummy food.
5:00 – Workout #1
  • Ran 1 mile
  • Shoulder Press 3/3/1/1/1 – 45/65/75/80(f)/80(f)-75
  • Back Squat – Just practicing form at 95#

7:00 – skinny vanilla latte

10:05 – omelet with asparagus, spinach, and some brussel sprouts.  took my fish oil
11:00 – Workout #2
  • 3RFT: 200 m run, 5 pull ups, 10 push ups(rest for 2 minutes and then do it again for a total of 4 cycles).  Freak!! I only rested for 1 minute.  DUH!  I knew I should of re-read the workout.  My times were 5:33/5:11/5:24/5:50 approximately!  
  • 3 sets: 5 box jumps(used 9 aerobic steps) and 5 stift legged deadlifts at 115#
Great workout day so far.  Now just gotta get my eating habits whipped into shape.  I need to take after Sue!!!

1:00 – chicken salad w/ some trek mix in it.  dessert: an orange. 

2:00 – uugh, i gave in and had my mangoes. took my fish oil
5:00 – munched on some pineapple while cutting it
6:30 – beef stew(mainly beef and carrots).  then i had the chicken drumstick that was left over w/ same salad
8:00 – a few slices of mango

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