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sle – Wed Mar 31 2010

31 Mar

I'm back to where I was 2 weeks ago.  We'll see what happens within the next few days.  It's sooo critical that I lose something!!  I need to get back and focus!

5:30 – Workout #1
  • Deadlift: 3×5 – 135#/155#/175#/185#/195# 
  • 2 mile run

7:15 – whey protein w/ water

9:15 – egg white omelet w/ veggies
11:00 – Workout #2
  • Shoulder Press – Did 65%, 75%, and 85% of "working" max
  • 10 burpees, then 3 rounds of 200m run, 10 db push press(20#), then 10 burpees for a total of 3 cycles: 6:47/6:31/6:38 – Used the treadmill.  Should of gone 7.0mph, but stayed between 6.3 and 6.7

1:15 – some veggie soup

2:00 – cantaloupe, strawberries, and pineapple
4:30 – i think some more fruit
6:30 – 4oz baked orange roughy with some asparagus and sweet potatoes
800- more pineapple

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sle – Tue Mar 30 2010

30 Mar
No workout this morning.  I'm hella sore.  I think it's from the back squats yesterday. 🙂

9:40 – egg white omelet

12:00 – im getting tired of the cauliflower rice.  i only ate half of it, then had grapefruit and 1 clementine for dessert.  im going to get hungry.

3:50 – paleo kit and some fruit

5:48 – cantaloupe pieces

6:30 – soup w/ veggies and beef and shredded chicken breast

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sle – Mon Mar 29 2010

29 Mar
As far as nutrition goes, I'm trying to go fruits and veggies this whole week until Sunday.  I'm really not sure if I can do it because I cooked myself some cocido this weekend, and made Tran some pho, so I might be picking on his food.  LOL.  If I'm good, I'll let myself have a cheat snack on Sunday…MAYBE

5:00 – Workout #1

  • 20 reps of 61% max back squat (This workout is from CFSC). ~95#
  • 5 reps of 65% max back squat – 100#
  • AMRAP within 20 minutes 5 pull-ups, 10 sit ups, 15 jumping air squats – 14 rounds + 5 pull ups
I was excited to get back into the gym.  The back squats were tough, but I didn't put the bar down, so I'm happy.  I think we are suppose to up the 5# twice a week every week for one month.  We'll see how I do.

6:45 – whey protein w/ water

9:15 – egg white omelet w/ brussel sprouts, bell peppers, and asparagus
11:30 – Workout #2
  • Ran 3.67 miles.  Finished @ 36:17

12:45 – Cauliflower rice w/ some tofu and soybeans.  Had grapefruit and some strawberries afterwards.

4:30 – cantaloupe, strawberries, and a clementine
6:30 – veggie soup w/ chicken broth.  dessert: 2 clementines and some grapefruit

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sle – Sun Mar 28 2010

28 Mar

8:30 – Ran 2.6 miles.  WOO HOO…i felt guilty

9-12 – been munchin' on fruit, some veggies, and a paleo kit because I don't know what to eat.
i had a spinach salad with some turkey from plutos
dinner: chicken, more chicken, and cocido soup which included beef.  

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03/27/10 – Crossfit Sectionals

28 Mar

Woke up hella early to get packed and ready for sectionals.  I wanted to just get a good workout in.  I didn't meet my goal for 10 OHS because…I don't know why.  Maybe fatigue in the heat, but that shouldn't be an excuse.  I just need to continue to work on my weaknesses.

8:00 – cauliflower fried rice
10:40 – workout B.
11-1:40 – paleo kit, nuts, fruit, and a banana
2:40 – workout A
4:00 – more nuts, fruit, and another paleo kit
7:00 – 4 slices of chicago style veggie pizza.  It was delicious.  I actually had 3 slices at the restaurant, and we literally brought another pizza home.  So after I put Mason to bed, I had another slice, just because!  LOL.   I shouldn't of but I did.  I also had a  little bit of ice cream that I bought w/ Jan at cold stone.  Didn't like it because it tasted like ice.  No bueno.

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sle – Fri Mar 26 2010

26 Mar

9:15 – broccoli, brussel sprouts, and asparagus stir fry from last nights dinner.

Trying not to eat too much for our FAT test today.
1:20 – medium cocido soup from la milpa.  YUMMY!  of course, i ate all the beef.
6:30 – snacked on some apples, pears, and clementines while cutting it up for sectionals tomorrow
7:30 – orange roughy w/ cauliflower rice and sweet potatoes

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sle – Thu Mar 25 2010

25 Mar

5:30 – Workout #1

  • 2x200m sprint
  • 4x400m sprint

Nice little workout to keep my legs warm…oh and for the sake of the FG Challenge

6:30 – whey protein w/ water

9:15 – egg white omelet
11:00 – Workout #2 – BLAH
  • Walked and jogged(really really slow) for 30 minutes
  • Practice push pressing 45# overhead.  BLEH!  
12:30 – cauliflower fried rice w/ lots of veggies and soybean
4:45 – jackfruit
7:30 – i scarfed down pieces of the roasted chicken that sean brought over.  i ate the chicken breast.  i had leftover soup from whole foods, and then had a couple bits of salmon.  my tummy is so full right now.  feels weird.  dessert: a few pieces pineapple

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