Detox Day 3 – 3/3/10

3 Mar

5:30 – Workout #1

  • AMRAP in 10 minutes: 4 burpess, 3 C2B Pull ups, and 2 Deadlifts(185#) – I got 7 rounds.  This is the throwdown WOD on Saturday.  I took my time on the deadlifts.  If I didn't break so much and made sure I had correct form on the deadlifts, I probably could of gotten 2 more rounds.  185# is very close to my 1 rep max.  
  • Worked on OHS for a bit w/ 45# bar.  Still hurts to squat.  I need to use the foam roller more.

7:45 – Egg white omelet w/ asparagus, spinach and tomatoes

10:20 – apple
11:30 – Workout #2
  • 6K run/walk.  Ran mostly 5.5K and walked the rest

1:15 – veggie chili, 3 cuties

4:00 – raided my parents fridge for some fruit.  i had a few slices of mango.  it was yum and i was freakin' hungry
5:30 – stir fry leftovers from yesterday and sweet potatoes.  had a grapefruit and orange for dessert.

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