Detox Day 4 – 3/4/10

4 Mar

5:00 – Workout #1 (One world's WOD)

  • Bench Press 1/1/1 – 75/85/90 (I should of done a max effort, but no one to spot me).  My last one was 95#
  • 4 RFT w/ 90 sec rest in between rounds: 5 OHS @ 60% (50#), 7 burpees, 15 jumping pull ups

OHS felt good, but knee hurts afterwards.  Not really a great conditioning workout because I wasn't sweating.  Maybe I'll go to the box tonight.  We'll see…

8:40 – baby carrots and 2 egg whites

12:15 – a bowl of veggie chili and half an egg white.  the egg whites taste nasty because i think i left them out on the counter too long.  BLEH!
1:30 – 2 cuties and half an apple
4:00 – i know i ate some fruit, but forgot what
6:30 – we just got back from costco and i stock piled on my fruit for the weekend.  ate my stir fry(kale, asparagus, and 2 egg whites) and had some mangoes, a little bit of grapes, and 2 strawberries

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