Detox Day 11 – 3/11/10

11 Mar

Today is rest day, but I might decide to go to the gym tonight.  We'll see.  Man, I'm afraid to put protein back into my diet, but I know I should.  Yesterday, I almost had a bit of meat.  I told myself I will wait till Friday dinner before I can have any type of protein, and it will be fish.  I just gotta remember…lots of veggies at every meal.

9:30 – egg white omelet w/ asparagus, spinach, and brussel sprouts
12:15 – munchin' on my southwestern salad and 1 egg white…BORING
2:20 – so freakin' hungry.  ate my little bit of stir fry that contained eggplant, asparagus, and bok choy.  nibbled on some dried cranberries.
5:00 – mangoes and cataloupe while waiting for my food
7:00 – baked asparagus and sweet potatoes.  some salad w/ grapefruit.  dessert: more mangoes

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