sle – Sat Mar 13 2010

13 Mar

I had fish last night, so I guess detox is over.  I'm going to stay in the boundaries of Phase 2 fat smash this weekend w/ Paleo characteristics.  That basically means, if I have any type of meat, it has to be lean, and it can only be 4oz or less at every major meal.  I'm going to try to limit meat intake, but I don't know what I can resist when I go to the baby shower

9:00 – Workout #1
  • 10-1 Deadlift, Hang Power Clean, Front Squat, and Push Jerk.  I was doing this for time, but I wasn't really pushing myself.  It showed, because I finished in 18:31.  I basically stopped at every different lift, because I suck at working out by myself.  LOL

10:00 -1 egg white, some baby carrots, and whey protein w/ water.  Also had half an orange.

12:00 – spinach salad with baby carrots, celery, a little bit of salsa, and grapefruit
4:00 – went to Michaela's baby shower and had a bunch of salmon that was topped w/ sour cream and dill. i scrapped as much of the sour cream and dill off as a could.  I also had some grilled meat that was seasoned by ….i forgot the of the mexican super market.  i also had some fruit.
8:00 – half of my paleo kit.  so i mainly ate some jerky,  pistachio, and almonds.

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