sle – Sun Mar 14 2010

14 Mar

10:00 – I had a late breakfast.  2 white egg omelet w/ asparagus and brussel sprouts

11:15 – some grapes and grapefruit
12:00 – went to a little family party and had a vegetarian salad(it had a lot of veggies).  also sipped on some vegetarian "duck" soup.  not sure what it was made of, but probably had some soy sauce in it.  then i ate a lot of jackfruit for dessert, and my cousin "made" me bring home a full tray of it too. YUM!!
3:00 – Workout #1
  • Squat snatches: 3-3-3-3-3-3-3.  I think I did 45#, 53#, and 65#.  Form was getting better, just gotta practice this week
  • Squat cleans: 5×5 – 83#/83#/95#/95#/95#.
  • Hang squat snatches- 5×2 @ 33#(just practice!)

4:30 – sweet potato fries and some jackfruit

7:00 – 1 stuffed cabbage w/ ground turkey and some veggie soup

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