Detox Day 2 – 3/16/10

16 Mar

5:30 – Workout #1

  • Warm up: 800 m run
  • AMRAP for 20 minutes: 15 Back Extensions, 15 K2E, and 15OHS(65#) – I was really really slow.  Wasn't even trying to rush it.  3 2/3 rounds.  I'm sooooooo sore and my knees are flaring up again.  Time to go back on the meds for a little while.

7:00 – Whey protein w/ water

9:00 – 2 egg white omelet with asparagus,mushrooms, and brussel sprouts
2:00 – leftovers from dinner: veggie tofu stir fry
3:00 – Workout #2
  • AMRAP for 8 minutes: 4 HSPU, 8 KB Swings(45#), and 12 sit ups..I think I got 3 rounds plus some.  What held me up were the HSPU.  I was able to string together at least 3 HSPUs, but they didn't go deep enough.  I will practice and practice till sectionals to get a full HSPU.  It was hard for me to get back up when my shoulders were already tired.  I noticed my arms weren't straight when I got up.  Need to work on that.  I didn't get much of a sweat with this workout,but at least I got it in.

4:30 – grapes

6:30 – grapefruit salad w/ carrots and bell peppers.  sweet potatoes on the side.

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