Detox Day 4 – 3/18/10

18 Mar

UGH!  Can weigh in happen already?!  I need to add some solid protein back into my life.

5:30 – Workout #1: This workout was very discouraging for my goals at sectionals.  It was VERY VERY hard for me to keep 75# stable for OHS.  Then I tried thrusters afterwards, and I gave up after 2 reps.  They weren't fluid, and I was using my back a lot to press up.  I think I need some rest, since I've worked out 7 days straight already.
  • 75#OHS attempts.  I was able to get 1 set of 5.  Almost had 6, but I lost it pushing up.
  • Thruster attempts, nothing solid
  • 4x800m run.  I ran the first 3 rounds at 7.4mph, then last round at 7.5mph.  All were at a 1 incline.  Walked about 2 minutes in between each round.

7:30 – whey protein w/ water

9:15 – egg white omelet w/ brussel sprouts, kale, and asparagus
1:30 – late lunch because i did a costco run.  cauliflower fried rice.
I BOUGHT HELLA FRUIT!  I can't go overboard and eat too much, especially if I am adding meat and seafood in next week.
6:00 – cuttin' up strawberries and mangoes, and had a few
7:30 – veggie soup w/ soybeans, corn, and bell peppers

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