sle – Tue Mar 23 2010

23 Mar

5:00 – Workout #1

  • Warmup: 400 m run
  • Thrusters: 45#x7, 65#x5, 75#x3, 75#x3, 80#x3

Wasn't that great of a workout.  I'm getting sore, tired, and I just want this weekend to be over with.  I was going to do OHS and run, but I'll go back later and do it.

6:30 – Whey Protein w/ water
9:15 – veggie egg white omelet – same as always.
12:20 – romaine lettuce w/ grilled asparagus and a small apple
2:10 – half an orange…it was dry, not very satisfying.  BOO!
4:00 – paleo kit
7:00 – chicken soup(little strips of chicken), then i munched off of tran's beef stew.  just had the beef and carrots.  dessert was jackfruit

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