I NEED A REST DAY – 3/24/10

24 Mar

I'm so mentally tired and want to eat everything.  It's so sad!  I need to be good today, because I am not working out.  Will be hard because we are going to see HOVA tonight!

Oh, and because I am an addict, I calculated the calories that I need to eat to lean out, which includes Protein, Carbs, and Fat grams.

1096 calories to lean out
Protein-76.72 grams minimum
Carbs-less than 50g/day
Fat = (1096-(126.72×4)/9=65.45g
8:45 – egg white omelet w/ veggies and sippin' on my green tea
11:15 – so hungry, i had 1/4 of my grapefruit to hold me over while i go buy food.
12:20 – low sodium veggie soup from whole foods.  i love whole foods.  sucks that everything is so expensive, but what the hell.  i want quality not quantity right?
1:45 – 1 nori sheet
3:00 – small paleo kit
6:30 – veggie soup and fruit
8:30 – i couldn't help it, but i ate most of the small paleo kit that tran brought to the concert.  i was hunger and wanted nachos!

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