sle – Thu Mar 25 2010

25 Mar

5:30 – Workout #1

  • 2x200m sprint
  • 4x400m sprint

Nice little workout to keep my legs warm…oh and for the sake of the FG Challenge

6:30 – whey protein w/ water

9:15 – egg white omelet
11:00 – Workout #2 – BLAH
  • Walked and jogged(really really slow) for 30 minutes
  • Practice push pressing 45# overhead.  BLEH!  
12:30 – cauliflower fried rice w/ lots of veggies and soybean
4:45 – jackfruit
7:30 – i scarfed down pieces of the roasted chicken that sean brought over.  i ate the chicken breast.  i had leftover soup from whole foods, and then had a couple bits of salmon.  my tummy is so full right now.  feels weird.  dessert: a few pieces pineapple

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