03/27/10 – Crossfit Sectionals

28 Mar

Woke up hella early to get packed and ready for sectionals.  I wanted to just get a good workout in.  I didn't meet my goal for 10 OHS because…I don't know why.  Maybe fatigue in the heat, but that shouldn't be an excuse.  I just need to continue to work on my weaknesses.

8:00 – cauliflower fried rice
10:40 – workout B.
11-1:40 – paleo kit, nuts, fruit, and a banana
2:40 – workout A
4:00 – more nuts, fruit, and another paleo kit
7:00 – 4 slices of chicago style veggie pizza.  It was delicious.  I actually had 3 slices at the restaurant, and we literally brought another pizza home.  So after I put Mason to bed, I had another slice, just because!  LOL.   I shouldn't of but I did.  I also had a  little bit of ice cream that I bought w/ Jan at cold stone.  Didn't like it because it tasted like ice.  No bueno.

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