sle – Thu Apr 08 2010

8 Apr

BLAH!  Woke up a little late because my phone died!  and it's still dead.  no charger!  So, I had to change my workout plans around.

5:30 – Workout #1
  • 5 rounds of speed intervals.  400m, 7.3-8.0 on a .5 incline.

Need to make it 6 rounds next week.

10:20 – white egg omelet w/ broccoli and basil

11:00 – Workout #2
  • Warmup: 400 m run
  • Crossfit SC WOD: 25-20-15-10-5 pull-ups, 15-15-15-15-15 push-ups, 10-15-20-25-30 KB Swings(1pood).  Alternate between the sets.  I think my time was 16 something.  Took my time really. LOL.
  • Ran 2.30 miles w/ my coworker.  Pace was about 10:10.  Took our time, my legs were tired, and just getting back into doing cardio.

12:45 – Got a meeting, so can't eat lunch yet.  Whey protein w/ water.  Gonna sip on my coconut water that I bought yesterday.

1:35 – a cup of low sodium chicken veggie soup from whole foods.  it's mainly veggies.  so yummy!
4-8 – i think i might have eaten too much.  i had 2 hard boiled eggs, a couple of clementines, munched on probably 3/4lb of chicken kabob, and a bowl of kelp pad thai.  PORTION CONTROL.  i should of eaten more during the day so i didn't go too crazy at night.

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