sle – Fri Apr 16 2010

16 Apr

Today is CRITICAL!  LOL.  I weighed myself this morning, and the numbers look good.  BUT, I have a long day ahead of me w/ a sushi lunch w/ coworkers and going to the SJ SHARKS game tonight.  Must be good!!!

5:00 – Workout #1
  • Warmup: 400 m run
  • Dirty Flirty Thirty Birthday WOD for Jan Marie.  It was basically Filthy Fifty, but cut down to 30 reps.  Finished in 18:25 rx'd.
6:40 – Green tea w/ ginger
7:20 – a small serving of sweet potato and crab meat mixed together.
11:30 – Sushi Tomi – Bento box w/ chicken teriyaki(sauce on side,so i dipped a bit), and hamachi sashimi
5:30 – bbq pork
6:30 – chicken cobb salad from peggy sue's
9:30 – handful of roasted peanuts, and a piece of teriyaki chicken(BAD BAD BAD).  I was at the sharks game though.

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