Detox Day 4 – 4/29/10

29 Apr

5:00 – Workout #1

  • Warm up: 1000m row
  • OHS – 63#(3)- 73#(3) – 78#(3) – 83#(1)- 88#(1)-93(#)
  • AMRAP in 8 Min of 4 HSPU(Sub), 8 KB Swings(1 pood), 12 Abmat sit ups – 6 + 15 reps

Been so busy working and trying to vacation plan at the same time.  I forgot to eat breakfast

12:45 – my beet apple salad and some egg white omelet
4:00 – munched on fruits
7:00 – leftover zucchini spinach soup and sweet potatoes.  i also made bo kho for tran, and picked off a tiny little piece of pork just to taste it.  it was my first time making this authentic viet dish, and it's all PALEO!!  WOO HOO!!  too bad i can't eat rice w/ it.  its ok..just eat veggies!

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