sle – Mon May 10 2010

10 May

I cheated on Sunday big time.  I guess you can say I cheated on Friday too, because we had boiling crab, and there was butter in the sauce.  I ran with Jan on Saturday, and I did ok on Saturday.  Could of portioned control w/ the vietnamese food, but I didn't have any starch or sugar.

Sunday was all bad.  I had dim sum(lots of buns), ice cream, indian food(NAAAN!), and then I did good with dinner, but I didn't even have to eat dinner.  Now I am intermittent fasting, trying to go as long as I can.
5:15 – 10K under an hour.  My legs are TIIIIIIIIIIIRED!
2:00 – 2 egg whites with veggie soup from whole foods
3-4: Pineapple!!
7:00 – stir fry veggies with some egg.  couple pieces of steak from tran's plate, and finished off the pineapple.

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