A week and a half until Hawaii…WOO HOO!- 08/16/10

16 Aug

This weekend wasn't too bad.  No portion control, but I didn't eat anything too sweet besides watermelon.  I felt good, but gross after eating some Chinese meat that Mai had.  BLAH!  I need to figure out how to get the fit day breakdown of the macro nutrients into this blog.

5:00 – CFPA

Strength: Power Clean
  • 63#(5)/83#(3)/103#(3)/113#(1)-118#(F)-113#(1)-118#(1) PR!
The 113 was ugly, and I couldn't get under the 118 the first time.  The second time I tried 118, it was still ugly and I didn't get under it to do a squat clean.  My legs did not land evenly, but I finished it.  Who said a PR had to look nice right?!


  • 500 m row, 30 burpees, 10 Shoulder to Overhead(93#) – 7:49(I think)

I mentally went into this workout thinking ground to overhead.  With ground to overhead, at least I had momentum to get the bar overhead.  I saw Henry doing shoulder to overhead, and thought WTF.  That shit was ugly!  I had 2 no reps, and had to clean the bar 3 times.  Burpees were hard too, and I hate it when Tim yells at me to not do a burpee flop.  

7:00 – PWO Meal – 2oz of sweet potatoes(baby food!), and half a scoop of vanilla whey protein powder with water.

9:10 – Breakfast: 4 egg white scramble with half a cup of spinach, fried in coconut oil.  1 poached egg.  This has 3 blocks of protein, but definitely not enough carbs.  I forgot to bring the rest of my veggies this morning.

12:00 – Noon run, did 2.67, not sure how fast we were going.  The run felt good.  Worked on a few static dips afterwards.
1:15 – Lunch: Large spinach salad w/ yellow and red bell peppers, a few pieces of dried cranberries, and 3.2 oz of chicken tenders.  A tablespoon of homemade hollandaise sauce.  I weighed all this stuff, so it's definitely 3 blocks of carbs and 3 blocks of protein.  There's probably more fat in there than I needed, but it will all even out in the end.
3:20 – Snack: 9 brussel sprouts and 2 cauliflower florets.  I was driving home from work, famished, and didn't know what to eat.  I know I need to get some carbs in, but what was I going to eat w/o the fat and protein.  UGH, DUH STEPH!  Veggies.  I had leftover baked veggies in the fridge.  :-)
4:10 – 25 minute walk with Mason around the neighborhood.  I'm trying to do this everyday!
6:30 – Dinner: Chinese broccoli with 3 oz of pork tenderloin and 1egg, 1 egg white.  Also had some sweet potatoes to up my carb intake.

Summary: Today felt good.  I'm about to go to sleep because I think I'm full, and I don't want to grab the blueberries.  I'll save it as a snack tomorrow.  Here are my totals.
  • Calories: 1,015
  • Fat:41.4(36%)
  • CHO:65.8(24%)
  • PRO:100.2(39%)

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