To IF or not…- 08/17/10

17 Aug

Today is usually an IF day(intermittent fasting), but since I'm watching my portions, maybe I shouldn't.  I brought breakfast and lunch with me, but I haven't had anything except for coffee yet.  We'll see how long it can last.  To IF properly, you need to NOT eat for 16+ hours, usually from dinner the night before to dinner the next day.  Then you eat 1 big meal, and that's it.  Other people have gone 16+ hours, then an 8 hour eating window.  The key is to still stay under the calorie intake, and not to eat regular meals.  Do not overindulge just because you haven't eaten anything all day!

5:30 – Workout Of the Week(WOW) developed by Mark Sission, the Primal Blueprint author and creator of Primal Blueprint Fitness

Maximum cycles in 12 minutes of 50 m sprints, 10 air squats, 10 push ups – Total 10 rounds + 50 m sprint

This one was a good one, and I always feel as though I could of gone faster.  I didn't accurately measure out 50m because I didn't have my watch on me, but it was pretty close.  I'll measure it one day.

7:00 – Peet's coffee, black, no sugar…WOW, I might be able to get used to this.
IF ended at 1PM!
1:00 – Lunch: Large spinach salad with ground turkey spaghetti, half an avocado, carrots, and 6 cherry tomatoes.  Looks like I might have went over on the protein, close to 4 blocks, but the carbs is right at 3 blocks.  Went way over the fat, but I'm fine with that as long as I don't get over on the carbs.  
2:50 – Snack: 1 cup of strawberries(1 carb block) and 1oz of beef jerky
Geez, I go back and forth, back and forth thinking about whether or not to eat it.  JUST DO IT!  It's just strawberries.  1 block of strawberries, that's it!  I think I'm afraid of what might happen afterwards.  More snacking, more eating.  That's why I must take my time a chew my food.  I'm being too noradic. 
Jerky was made from my workout partner at xfit.  I'm only eating 1oz or 1 block of protein. 
4:00 – 40 minute walk with Mason

5:15 – Snack: 1 cup of watermelon

6:30 – Dinner: Beef soup veggies with sweet potatoes and 1 piece of chicken tender.  That's not it!  LOL – dried cranberries w/ pistachios.  Ya, I might have over ate a bit, but calories are still under.

Summary: I shouldn't have eaten too much during dinner.  I didn't have to eat the sweet potato and chicken tender, but I was under carbs and protein.  Need to control next time.

Calories: 1,070
PRO: 88.3
CHO: 90
FAT: 42.1

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