Ice cream!!

18 Aug

Let's get right into it!

5:00 – CFPA
Strength: Front Squats….98#(3)/108#(3)/118#(3)/123#(1)/130#(1)/–(1)
YAY, I PR'ed by 2 lbs.  LOL.  I was going to do 128#, which is my original FS number, after my 123#, but Tim said why waste your 1 rep on a max that you did before.  I didn't want to jump 5#, because it was getting hard.  I really need to figure out how to up the weight without making it so difficult at the beginning.  On the last rep of the 118#, my back was rolling forward already and it was hard to keep my elbows up.

Metcon: 8 RFT, 110m run, 8 KB Swings(20kg), 5 pull-ups = 10:14
UGH!!!  I did not beat my last time.  Last time i got 10:13, but only with 40#.  This time I did the KB swings with 44#.   I was so pissed!  Tim made me feel better, but if I didn't lag on running, or didn't rest as much I would of gotten it.  I always feel I could do better.  Everything was unbroken though, which was good.  The pull-ups were getting difficult towards the last two rounds.

6:45 – PWO Snack: Half a scoop of whey protein w/ water, and 2oz of sweet potatoes(baby food). 😉

9:30 – Breakfast:  4 egg white omelet with bell peppers and onions.  A side of chinese broccoli, and a small scoop of sun dried tomato pesto.  Definitely 3 blocks of proteins.  Maybe not enough carbs.  I used coconut oil for fat.
11:45 – CFE WOD
Run: 10 seconds on 5 seconds off x20.  I love my Garmin watch.  I set it up to beep every 10 seconds, the rest every 5 seconds.  This was a tough workout and got our heart rate up.


Now, I was going to have ice cream today at our section meeting(hence the title of my blog today), but I went for bigger and better things!  A depression session with my girls which included half a sourdough sandwich, 2 pan de sals, 2 cheese balls, some sweet bread, garlic cheese bread, and half a slice of pizza.  Oh ya, let's add some cashews(lots of it) and watermelon.  LOL.  So much for being good until Hawaii.  Lesson for today: I WILL NOT FEEL GUILTY FOR A UNPLANNED CHEAT.  I WILL PICK IT BACK UP TOMORROW AND WORK EVEN HARDER!

Another note, pizza did not taste as great as I thought it would be.  Pan de sal was awesome, but still not as great either.  It's weird that once I went Paleo, when I cheated, it wasn't that satisfying.  Maybe I need to cheat with more sweet stuff instead of savory stuff.  It feels as though I eat savory type stuff all the time, so maybe a good cookie or ice cream would satisfy a cheat more.  Until Hawaii though!!!  

Calorie: ~3500
CHO: ~400
FAT: ~100

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