Craving something all day – 08/22/2010

23 Aug

All day I was craving something bad.  ANYTHING.  Cookies?  Bread?  Ice cream?  What do I want.  I couldn't decide, and if I cheated I wanted the cheat to be worth it!!  

Breakfast: Half an avocado with half a banana, half scoop of whey, and a dab of coconut milk.  YUM!  taste like butta!
Snack: 2 egg whites
Lunch: Ahi tuna with boiled broccoli and bok choy
Snack: Blueberries, dried cranberries
Dinner: Scallops(DELICIOUS!!) and pan fried broccoli and bok choy with squash.
Dessert: PaleoKrunch with some cranberries and blueberries
Summary: I ended up going to mall, and thought about getting pretzels and cookies for a split second.  I didn't do it.  Instead I got a small messenger bag.  LOL.  If I can't eat, I'll shop.  BAD!  People say I should be eating more calories.  I shouldn't weigh anything either, but I can't help it.  Carbs are a bit high.  I guess I could of done without the PaleoKrunch.  That was my last "regular" bag, so I just want to get rid of it before I leave to Hawaii.
Calories: 1308

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